Thursday, December 17, 2009

An excerpt from work intended to be longer

image via calvin hollywood

Other than killing her husband, Amy Schneider had never done a single, remarkable thing. She did however look pleasant in a black dress. Her dresses were never too low cut nor deceptively conservative, in fact, Amy did her best to not look too much like anything at all. Perhaps, it was part of the plan, this habit of hers, this tendency to be a side note in other people’s conversations.

The weeks following the shooting, Ari’s death was remarked on often and with a certain degree of understanding. Death had been wished upon Ari by postalworkers, coworkers, waiters and occasionally his dearest friends. He was just that sort of guy.

Ari worked in Public Relations for a prominent firm – though not an entirely well regarded one–and had made it his life’s work to destroy anyone who stood in his path. Amy, who did no work at all, did not interfere with Ari’s business. In fact, she knew not a thing about his dealings. As for the rest of them, they all knew Ari far too well.

--inspired by the pages of Gawker, at least a tad or so.

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